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Cherish your pet with a soulful portrait.
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I have seen many pet photographers who work with perfect dogs for their promo shots.  Pipi used my insanely active dogs and was still able to get some amazingly adorable permanent memory shots of my pups! Her camera knowledge really shows in her ability to capture the true inner soul of my furry babies!

Her prices are reasonable, her attitude is amazing and she truly loves what she can do for others. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to everyone!

- Michelle Doppelt via
We love the pictures you did for us and we always get compliments when people come to visit :)
-Kate K.
You were amazing with him! So patient!!!
- Rebecca P.
"Can 5 cats be herded to a photo shoot? Why yes they can!  Pipi conducted a thorough interview, returned to take a variety of photographs, presented the array of proofs and finalized an attractive assortment of calendars, note cards and a portrait. The keepsake results are memorable."

–Prudy N.
Pipi was more than amazing....she has the patience of Job...we have 2 golden doodles and then we added two more dogs so that we could have photos of all together. She met us for a pre-shoot, then set a date that worked for us all! Went to the dog park to tire out the dogs, and got  lots of photos, then back to the house and the pool....she took some amazing photos of action shots of the dogs flying thru the air as they launched themselves into the pool! If you are looking for a great photographer for you and your pets, she is highly can't go wrong with Soulful Pet Photography!

-Lee C. via
Pipi was so great with my senior dog, Lily.  I wanted to get some cute professional picture of my dog taken, since everything i have is on my cell phones and never gets printed out.  She met me at my house and we drove around to my dog's favorite places.  The pictures turned out amazing!  She captured her amazing smile.  The photo album she made was perfect, and is now the center piece on my coffee table.  If you want the perfect pictures of your 4 legged friends, call Pipi.  She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her more in the future.

-Jenna B. via
I'm so glad that I had Pipi taking the photos for my dobes. The pictures came out very nice. She did catch my dobe spirit. Every time when I look at the pictures, I feel that they are with me again. You are very good pet photographer. Pipi is always on time with my appointment. When the pictures are done, she gave me so many good idea and options which make my album look more wonderful. Thank You !!

-Frankie J. via
“I was fortunate enough to come across Pipi Diamond and Soulful Pet Photography when I was searching for a pet photographer. I wanted to get professional photos taken for my husband's Christmas gift. Pipi was very organized and detail oriented. She came over for a pre-shoot meeting and then spent time scouting nearby locations. On the day of our shoot, she brought toys, treats and props to help with my two rambunctious big dogs. My dogs went wild with the new toys and started to wilt a bit in the heat of the day. But Pipi still managed to get great shots of both of them. They are black dogs and don't always photograph very well. She came back to show me a slide show of all the shots - and then came back a 4th time to deliver the items I purchased. Her prices are reasonable and the fact that she donates her time and services to help local shelters promote their adoptable pets speaks to her character and love of animals.
-Claudia Q. via”
Pipi took some amazing shots of my dogs which seems impossible given how spastic they are. I ordered two tryptics and a calendar. She personally delivered them all wrapped up with a red bow. Plus she threw in a set of wallet size pics of each dog. Definitely do this for yourself and your pets.

-Angie F. via
Pipi took some wonderful photos of my doodle Moe. He was super responsive to her (was it the treats?) and she has a great eye. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to get some great photos of my pal. He's slowed down a bit of late, but we were able to get photos of him both at rest and at play, so I feel she captured him fully!

-Teresa D. via
Pip was so great with our little Yorkie Scarlett.. Although Scarlett isn't the most active dog Pipi was able to get her moving and get some cute playing and running shots.

-Bryn Jurkens
I was so impressed with Pipi's ability to capture my dog's unique personality through pictures! I couldn't be happier with the final product. She has a great eye!

- Elizabeth Young